Unholy Alliance – The Left & Fundamentalist Islam

In Middle East, Religion on August 25, 2014 at 10:33 PM

Pro-Palestinian protestors stage die-in in London. No such protest against ISIS.

A strange thing has happened in Left protest circles since the first Iraq war. An unholy alliance has formed between Leftist activists protesting Western wars in the Middle East, including Israel’s ongoing conflict with the Palestinians, and far-right Islamists. Somehow groups such as Australia’s Socialist Alternative and others see the threat of radical Islam as less harmful than that of Western imperialism, colonialism, Zionism and other ism’s of the 20th Century.

I consider myself a progressive. A leftist. A peacenik. And a pragmatist. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why the (radical?) Left is holding onto outdated philosophies and definitions of conflict that are no longer relevant. Though I do recognise the historic impact of Western influence on the region, make no mistake the biggest threat to the Middle East today is radical Islam. It threatens all progress that marked the Arab Spring, and is now plunging the region again into a deep darkness.

From Libya to Gaza, Syria to Iraq, radical Islam threatens all those that do not ascribe to its values. The ISIS threat of creating a fundamentalist Islamic state across most of the Middle East and a large swathe of Europe is very real. This isn’t the fundamentalism of groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, themselves abhorrent on their record against human rights, progress and peace. No, this is a whole new level of horror and hate.

But not a peep has been heard from the Left in protest of the mass killings of moderate Muslims, Christians and other minorities such as the Yazidis by ISIS in Iraq. Less has been said about 200,000 dead in Syria, the victims of Islamic insurgents, anti-government forces and the Syrian government. I haven’t seen a single word about Libya, where over the past five weeks Islamists have taken control of the capital and proclaimed a new government after losing the country’s elections. Hell, if democracy doesn’t work – take it by force! Not to mention the Islamists’ wars raging in Africa. Where? No, it seems that the Left is only vocal in protesting Israeli ‘aggression’ or US and Western actions on Middle East soil.

Whilst I also question the wisdom of these same Western actions, the threat of radical Islam to our way of being and to Muslim moderates or indeed anyone that opposes them seems the larger evil. Ironically, wouldn’t it be the atheists, agnostics, non-believers and heathens of the Left that would be its first victims? To what extent will the Left bury its head in the hot sands of the Levant and holding on to whose hands? I fear only when the terror hits our shores will the Left rise from their slumber.


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