The lady has spoken and the election battle has begun

In Australia on July 17, 2010 at 2:01 PM

The lady has spoken

A glamorous Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called a August 21 election, announced at a press conference outside the Governor General Quentin Bryce’s Canberra residence Government House. With a pearl necklace and a glass-slipper encrusted foot, Gillard reiterated that she ‘made a pledge to the Australian people’ to become a fully elected Prime Minister who plans to move Australia forward with changes to immigration, environmental and economic policy.

Though the exact policy changes the Labor Party will make, such as a so-far unannounced environmental plan, and those that differ her from the Rudd government of which she was a part of, were a little harder to pin down.

Whilst promising to make the country ‘a better Australia, not a bigger one’, Gillard also warned that opposition Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott threatened to take Australia backwards with poor leadership and unsustainable policy choices. Though admitting when prompted, that this will be a very hard-fought political campaign with a strong opponent, Gillard appeared to be confident and ready to take the battle to her foe, unafraid of the Abbott challenge.

Perhaps, the only people who really should be afraid are the Australian people who have to choose between a wily woman and a masochistic man, neither of which have proved the potential to lead the country with courage, clarity or calm. Nor the inspired policy to truly differentiate themselves from each other or make a mark towards true progress in the future.

Though their battle, between the bitch and the boxer, may be the bloodiest, if not most entertaining election run in history.

May the games begin.


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