Hear, hear Roman – You got away with it

In Film, Women's Issues on July 13, 2010 at 11:29 AM


What a fantastic step forward in justice. Roman Polanski, famed art-house film director and creative genius will not be extradited to the United States from Switzerland to face the 30-year old sex offense charges that he skipped out on all that time ago never to return.

How wonderful, he will go back to making films that will be shown in film festivals throughout the world. He will shake hands with dignitaries, celebrities and the common folk who line red carpets hoping for a glimpse of fame. He will be acclaimed as a ground-breaking and visionary director who changed the face of cinema.

How truly great it is that Roman Polanksi will never have to serve his sentence for the rape and sodomy of a 13-year-old girl whom he plied with alcohol and forced his pedophile self onto, violating a child against her will in the worst possible way.

If Roman Polanski were a priest, a rabbi, a judge, a father or an esteemed member of our community we would be outraged. We would demand investigations and inquiries. We would seek justice for the innocence of a childhood lost. We would make him pay, if not by jail time, by compensation. By ostracizing him from the community like convicted Australian-pedophile Dennis Ferguson, run out from every community that he has tried to start over in, needing police protection to begin living a normal life, after serving out his sentence to the full extent of the law.

But no, Roman Polanski is a celebrity, more he is an artist whose creative genius has been allowed to flourish despite being a child-harming felon on the run. The film critics have raved. Actors fought to appear in his films. The financiers were on board. As were the producers. The camera men and lighting crew. The marketers drew his name in lights. Cinema seats were sold out. And the audiences came, and watched and applauded.

Congratulations world, you enabled a pedophile, a rapist, a convicted criminal the means, the tools and the will to succeed. More you toasted him for it. Hear, hear Roman, you truly are a genius. How you manipulated the world to your side, is truely commendable. You might have a side-career coaching politicians. And good on you Switzerland, for allowing this man to live in your hills for years with immunity, before arresting him and releasing him once more. And Europe for your warm embrace. Justice is truly served.

Hear, hear Roman. You got away with it. And we let you. But at least one of us will not be watching another one of your films.

  1. Quoting someone else’s post from Huffington: “Regardless of what one thinks of the Swiss government’s decision, the fact is that the judge in California reneged on his trial agreement with Polanski when he was first arrested for the crime. Polanski was sentenced to 90 days. When he was released 45 days later for good behavior, the judge went back on his agreement and threatened to put Polanski back in jail again. At that point, the director fled for Europe. Legal standards for Polanski’s crime were different back then, but the fact is that he served his sentence and was lawfully released; contemporary penalization standards should not apply to crimes already prosecuted decades ago. The U.S. government has refused to give the Swiss authorities transcripts of the judge’s conversations with Polanski, which is the reason they decided not to extradicte him back to the U.S. If the U.S. prosecutors were serious about getting Polanski back, they would not only have provided the documents requested, but would also have pursued this case over the last several decades when they had ample opportunity to do so every time Polanski was residing in Switzerland.”

    • Even if you believe that legally Roman Polanski was not liable for his crime, his embrace by the cinema world, and indeed its audience is sickening. As is his defense. In this case, justice was in no way served.

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