Turkish Delight: Turkey-Israel playground spat continues

In Middle East on July 6, 2010 at 5:14 PM


Things are going from bad to worse in Turkish-Israel relations, since the flotilla fiasco last month, in which 9-Turkish protestors were killed after an Israeli commando raid on a group of Gaza-bound protest ships attempting to break Israel’s three-year embargo on the Strip. In the international outcry that followed, and the rounds of heinous propaganda from both sides professing utmost innocence, one thing is clear.

We now have two world leaders playing a game in the Eastern sandpit of ‘he started it’. Yesterday, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan had a tantrum and decided to pull out on joint US-Israel military maneuvers, with ties on hold until Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu apologizes for the botched raid. Never one to admit failure, though there have been many and varied in his illustrious career, Bibi will do no such thing and says Erdogan pulled his receding hair first, leaving two half-friends nearly bitter enemies.

So convenient is their playground tiff, that it has managed to deflect from both leaders inability to deal with their internal troubles and failures to make peace with their respective nationalist minority time-bombs, making one think that maybe they planned this episode?! Small dicks with big guns – Part XXIIV – stay tuned, next installment coming soon.


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