Dear Gaza Gunmen…

In Gaza, Middle East on July 1, 2010 at 10:36 AM

Play Video: Attack on UNRWA Summer Games location - Gaza Strip - June 28, 2010

For the second time in as many months, a United Nations-run summer camp for Gazan children was burnt down earier this week by masked ‘gunmen’. Why these militants would choose to destroy an initiative for children, designed to provide a respite from the impoverished conditions of the Gaza Strip is beyond comprehension. Could it be that showing the 250,000 Palestinian children that take part in the camps that there is an alternative to militancy, be a threat to their power base? That allowing the boys and girls of Gaza to play sport, swim, create art and theater, undermines the Islamic fundamentalism professed by Gazan leaders?

Indeed it is difficult to understand how UNRWA, a United Nations Agency set up to deal entirely with Palestinian Refugees, could be perceived a danger, and enough so as to warrant the destruction of their humanitarian initiative. It is even harder to understand how children could be made to suffer intentionally because of it.

Dear Gaza Gunmen, can you please explain, in words that do not include ‘Israel’, ‘blame’ and ‘because G-d told me to’, as why you did this? You see, I really wish to understand, because it is really difficult to explain to people that what you really seek is peace, when all you do is act all pissy. Even the head of UNRWA is mad.

Here is hoping that the easing of the Israel blockade, will somewhat dull the extremists tendencies, but somehow I doubt it. Only when Gazans confront the fundamentalists will real change arise. But unfortunately, it is always the moderates who stay silent and suffer.


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