The Fabulous Mr. X

In Security on June 23, 2010 at 7:09 AM

It sounds like a trashy spy thriller, and could be the start of my new film script, but this week marks the case of the fabulous Mr. X, an unidentified male prisoner, held isolated in a maximum security Israeli jail indefinitely. No one knows who he is. Where he comes from. Or why he is there. And apparently, even speaking about him in Israel is forbidden, as the case that broke on the Ynet Online news service was promptly taken down and censured for ‘security concerns’.

So in the interest of free speech, and a little fun, let us take a few guesses. Who is the fabulously mysterious Mr.X?

Scenario 1: The Spy
Mr. X is a spy from an Arab state hell-bent on Israel’s destruction. He was captured in an under-cover operation in enemy territory, but no-one realizes he is gone because he said he was going away on ‘business’. And you know how those business people are. He is being held in a top secret facility as the security forces that be, are yet to decide exactly what to do with him. He must be useful for something, but what? Building him a new face until they figure it out. Cue James Bond music.

Scenario 2: The Defector
Mr. X has defected from a country hell-bent on Israel’s destruction, perhaps from another ‘i’ country in the region. He is a high level official who is willing to sell out his country for a substantial fee. He figures all is fair in love and war, and diamonds are a boy’s best friend. Security forces are yet to decide if he is for real and if his information is as useful as he thinks it is. Building him a new face, and bank balance until they figure it out. Cue Sex in the City Music.

Scenario 3: The Betrayer
Mr. X is one of our own who has tried to sell weapons or information to the ‘enemy’. So explosive is his identity that it must be kept secret until a case for treason has been established. His family has been threatened with humiliation if they talk. Security forces are trying to find evidence instead of hearsay so they can actually bring the case to court. But with facts lacking, they are making up a real good story with a forced confession that could hold up in court. Currently smashing his face. Cue Heavy Metal face-bashing music.

Scenario 4: No-One, but a real nice story
Mr. X is absolutely no-one, maybe some poor chump from the Territories who ended up on the wrong side of the fence. Overcrowded jailers thought he deserved a roomy cell away from the other inmates, just because they ran out of suitable accommodation. They will put bunk beds in there soon, and he won’t be so lonely when joined by other similarly effected roommates. Currently ignoring his face cos he ain’t all that interesting. Cue elevator music.

The truth is that the fab Mr. X could be absolutely anyone, and until more light is shed on his identity, all we can do is wonder and hope that there is good reason, and not baseless ‘security’ concerns to keep his identity a secret.

Who do you think Mr. X may be?


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